Honest and courageous teams

Honest and courageous teams always outperform those who lack trust, honesty and courage to speak their minds. As a leader, it is your job to help build honest teams with common values, transparency and courage to have real, much needed conversations.

How to work with unhappy clients

All people can and at times will become unhappy. Unfortunately, this unhappiness can frequently manifest itself across work and be left for you to deal with. Here’s what to do. Listen to what happened and what matters to them Manage the situation, contain, analyse and own any mistakes made by you or your teams Follow up with the client in …

LinkedIn endorsements

Endorsements should be honest and sincere. Please only endorse people and their skills which you have witnessed first hand and can attest to. This video is prompted by a trend where people are endorsing skills on LinkedIn (among other social networks) of people they have never worked with. While everyone enjoys and appreciates recognition and support, I don’t understand the …

Leaders own problems and provide solutions, not excuses

Leadership is about solutions, collaboration, motivation and empowerment. In order to be successful as a leader you must be honest, transparent and accountable. You must take ownership of issues that lay within your area of responsibility and leadership and move towards their ultimate resolutions. When they came into existence is less important than what will you do to solve them.