One way or another, everything begins and ends with leadership. Proven and accomplished leaders enable others to succeed, accept all the blame and freely share recognition and success. Most importantly, they develop and inspire people to become leaders themselves. Inspiring leaders to action is one of the greatest achievements of effective leaders. On this journey, it is important to distinguish between leaders and those who occupy positions of leadership and authority. They are not the same.
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people & culture

Focus on people first, they matter the most. Then, work together on building your own culture where your values, morals and standards are unifying, incorporated and clear to everyone. Having top performers and leaders with integrity, empathy and courage in key roles is of crucial importance for every organization that wants to compete, succeed and stay around for decades to come. Recruit and retain the best people you can who will lead and influence your culture, and the rest will follow.


Innovation, transformation or incremental progress, they all work. As long as you do not stay stagnant for too long, don't worry about your pace of change and progress at the outset. With time, you will speed up and differentiate between what matters and what does not (spoiler: most things don't matter long-term). Innovate or accept obsolescence.
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Data insights

Data is everywhere, yet what we do with it makes all the difference. Additionally, data can tell any story and support nearly any narrative which is why we must exercise great caution, responsibility and integrity when we capture, store and use data across our organizations, businesses and networks. Data insights enrich organizational decisions and enable better understanding of causal and correlational relationships between variables. If you have access to data, act with care. Integrity matters.

Community and networks

Helping others succeed elevates your value and relevance. Proactively sharing what you know, what you have done, accomplished and experienced will always be of value to all who are involved and engaged. Get ready to make yourself at home with our active and engaged community. Help others and ask for help when you need it. We are on this path together. Let's improve, advance and grow.
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FIRST:  It is essential to focus on understanding organizational purpose, priorities and major objectives. Then, dedicate time, effort and energy to these major areas: leadership, people & culture and innovation. All subsequent decisions should be grounded in the framework of your purpose with sights on your clearly defined north star.

Ask yourself: Where are you today? More importantly, do you know where you want to be tomorrow? Finally, do you know what you must do to get there?

Purpose & mission

Each organization has a purpose and a mission. Ideally, it is something well beyond profit and increasing shareholder value and as such, that purpose and that mission must be clearly communicated to everyone working in and with that organization. Why does your organization exist? Do you know? Does everyone else?

Recruit top talent

People, people, people...then everything else. Proactively look to identify, recruit and attract the best talent you can find. Event if you don't have any open positions, keep an eye out for top talent as you come across it in your daily life. Hire people who are experts in what they do and let them do their work. Lead, support and inspire others.

Continue to improve

Assess your current environment, identify desired state and make progress every day. A month will turn into a year, years will continue to pass until major goals become a reality, right in front of you. Be efficient and effective each day yet remain steadfast and patient with major goals and objectives. This will take time.

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