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Saying “thank you” goes a long way

While I understand that those you work with or for (or those that work for you) are paid to do their jobs, it is important to be thankful for their contributions to your collective vision and desired outcomes. Don’t be too proud, too busy or too ignorant to simply say “thank you” to those you work with. This simple act of recognition of their efforts and energy will be much appreciated by most.

Why practical experience matters more than reading about it

Practical experience matters, a lot. If you have never done what you lead it is difficult to gain credibility and complete understanding of what it takes to successfully enable progress and new capabilities in those areas.

Your past is not your future

Your past is not your future. While your past has certainly contributed to who you are today, it does not need to be a limiting factor determining who you can become. Focus on what you can control, design your days around major priorities and goals and be disciplined about those efforts.

How do we begin to change?

Most people are more comfortable living with old problems than they are exploring new solutions.

Adapt, adjust and advance

Adapt, adjust and advance. Respect the past, learn from it, but don’t live in it.

Patience and grit

To succeed, one needs both patience and grit and here’s why.

Design your future

Design your future. Take a look at your past year and visualize and plan your next year.

Work hard, break up the routine and have fun

Work hard, break up the routine and have fun. It is this change in scenery that could bring you the new perspective and energy you have been seeking for.

Begin by acknowledging the possibilities

Begin by acknowledging the possibilities. Opportunities based on growth and fulfillment should never be easily dismissed out of fear, uncertainty or doubt. Try something new, it may be exactly what you have been looking for.

Take risks on people and help them grow

Take risks on people and help them grow. It is extremely important to enable people in their journeys of growth, advancement and fulfilment. When possible, look to promote existing staff based on organizational needs and priorities and individual capabilities and interests.