LinkedIn spam is not marketing

LinkedIn spam is something we are all familiar with and the reason for it can be summarized in the words of Gary Vaynerchuck: marketers ruin everything. While this is in no way a proper marketing approach, strategy or even a tactic it is certainly of great annoyance to most.

LinkedIn spam generally beings in the following way:

1. You get an e-mail notice that someone has requested to connect with you,
2. You login and seeing that you have shared connections, you approve the request,
3. Almost instantaneously, you get a message from your new “contact” asking you to buy their product or services (in addition to meet with them, have a conference call, webcast,…).

Ladies and gentlemen who work in sales, marketing and are responsible for lead generation, this approach will never be useful and beneficial to you and your businesses. Please abandon this tactic of spamming and frustrating your potential clients and business partners as it simply doesn’t work. Thank you!

Eternally grateful,
your LinkedIn “contact”

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