Success requires both talent & hard work

Hard work is a prerequisite for nearly everything of value in life. However, while we all know this to be true, in practice we often behave differently. For some reason way too many of us over estimate our talents and under estimate the work it will take to reach our goals. Furthermore, we often attempt to go through business and life relying on talents alone and that is rarely enough for anything above mediocrity, slightly above average at best.

Of all the people I’ve ever met, across dozens of countries on multiple continents, I am yet to meet ONE person who has been very successful (business, life, career…whatever) without putting in the hours, days, months, years of hard work. Talents are important, but please realize that they are not enough to reach your full potential or to even come close. With this in mind, we get to the remaining ingredients of passion and quality. In order to be valuable to others and therefore successful, do your best to work in the crossroads of passion, quality, talents and hard work…go all in and success is unavoidable.

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