How to reach your goals

Focus on present actions, not your future desires. Focus on your journey, not just on the outcome or destination. You must know what you want, what you truly want and why you are doing all of this. Why are you putting in your time, effort, energy, commitment…connect to your why first. This why has to be yours and you must own it. Don’t do stuff because someone else wants it, you must want it in order for it to make sense and for your drive to get you there.

On this journey, you need to be flexible yet committed to the outcome that matters to you. Each day, make progress and you will get there. No matter how large and ambitious your goals may be (by the way, dream BIG!) they can all be broken down into more manageable smaller increments which when put together will have you standing across the finish line. Furthermore, progress equals fulfillment, and it makes us feel alive, makes us move, and enjoy each day. With that in mind, focus on making progress each day, even if it is smaller than you wanted it to be, it’s still better than NOTHING, it is still better than where you were yesterday.

Keep moving forward!

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