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Elevating your leadership | “I don’t care that they stole my idea…I care that they don’t have any of their own.” – Nikola Tesla

We all make mistakes

Mistakes are part of life, part of business. There is no such thing as perfection so the sooner we realize that, the sooner we will be that much closer to progress, advancement and growth.

None of us are perfect and as such it is important NOT to point out every single mistake. When it comes to leaders, they should be actively involved and informed about their teams’ performance, but small errors which don’t have any significant negative impact shouldn’t be highlighted as that action provides no value to anyone. Repeat offenders and major issues must be addressed, but small issues should be (if at all) acknowledged in private (one-on-one) and left behind you as quickly as possible. This level of support for your colleagues will provide for safe environment to innovate, experiment and even fail which is crucial. Furthermore, that employee will never forget the day you made them feel safe and have supported them even when things didn’t go their way.

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