Make your Outlook better with Xobni

For a while now my team and I have been using Xobni, an Outlook plugin that improves e-mail client’s search for both messages and contact information. It also goes a step further by aggregating and correlating data between different social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Xobni also provides data from Hoovers on companies your contacts work for and a number of very useful statistics when it comes to your contacts’ usage of e-mail and sending/responding patterns. It also keeps track of e-mails (and attachments) exchanged between you and all of your contacts in easy to follow threaded conversations.

Due to features mentioned above I find it to be a valuable, fast and easy tool to use. Also, did I mention that it is FREE. Yes, there is a paid version (Xobni Plus) which also includes calendar data search among other features, but the free version is already a massive step in the right direction when it comes to organizing your e-mails, contacts and more.

If you are an avid Outlook user you will definitely appreciate this plugin. Go and get it now then let me know which feature has the greatest impact on your daily computing productivity.

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  1. Xobni is really cool and gives a good social angle to my Outlook. There is also Nubli ( that is very useful as it helps organize my emails better. Its automated features like automatic prioritization, automated tagging make email organization effortless. Their Dashboard really helps me summarize my To Dos for emails marked for action and follow up. By far Xobni and Nubli are my Favorite Outlook Plugins

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