In-person interview tips

You have made it to an in-person interview. Congratulations!

This means that your resume and cover letter (even references if they were called already) have all done their job to present you as a potential candidate for the position you have applied for. All good thus far, but that was paper and not “real” you; real you will take center stage next.

Above all, believe in yourself as there’s a definite reason why you are one of the people (generally 5-6 individuals are selected) they chose to meet in-person.

Here are some important things to consider as you prepare for your in-person interview:

  • Arrive on time (at least 15 minutes early)
  • Dress appropriately
  • Believe in yourself – be confident (don’t confuse with arrogant)
  • Body language is important
  • Listen attentively – don’t interrupt
  • Answer succinctly and efficiently
  • Clarify questions which may be unclear
  • Thank them for their time and announce a follow-up
  • Follow-up as stated

Good luck with your interview.

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