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Things to do as you start a new job

As you begin a new job, there are many things to consider and do in your first few months. In addition to researching your new boss, leadership team, organizational reputation, products, services, financials (all of this BEFORE you accept a position of course), I have found the following things to be valuable as well.

First, do your best to meet as many people as you can to learn about their experiences, perspectives and ideas. During this process, listen, learn and ask questions. Clarify as much as you can and do not make assumptions. Instead, ask.

During this time, ensure clarity from your end as well. Communicate honestly and openly and make sure people understand where you stand on issues, ideas, leadership, ownership and accountability among other things.

Finally, focus your effort, energy and time on most impactful priorities for your role and your team’s potential contributions. The rest, delegate, delay or drop when possible. You only have 24 hours in a day, just like the rest of us, make the most of them. Good luck!

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