Cyber security is a full-time job

As more and more products get connected online in this Internet of Things (IoT) “revolution” of sorts, it is important to take information security strategically, seriously and proactively.

To start, your systems and networks need to be redundant, backed up and up to date (properly configured, patched and tested); your users need to know what NOT to do online (at least top 10 fundamentals) and you need to have a security team (or at least a full-time employee) that is focused on security as their primary responsibility.

Once again:

  1. Security is a full-time job – each organization must have someone who is focused entirely on information security and data loss prevention
  2. Awareness is key – develop a security awareness program and if possible make it mandatory for all employees
  3. Detailed response plan is a must – you need to know who must do what and when should a security breach occur

Furthermore, you need to proactively work on establishing relationships and partnerships with local law enforcement agencies, including the FBI’s Cyber crime division (fortunately for us they have a location in Newark, NJ) who are generally very welcoming of collaboration, conversation and partnerships.

Partner, plan, share information and knowledge and layer your security technologies and methodologies in order to minimize potential exposure.

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