When it’s time to go, leave gracefully

Sooner or later, a moment will come when it is time move onto new opportunities in order to continue to grow, learn and advance. When this time arrives do your best to stay focused on present and even more importantly on your future. Leave past where it belongs, behind you and don’t burn any bridges on your way out.

No matter what has happened, in most instances, it is not worth leaving in a negative light and being remembered that way as you never know what life may bring your way down the road. You may in fact return to the same organization some five or ten years later and you want to be remembered as an individual of integrity, quality and knowledge, not as someone who threw a tantrum prior to slamming a door on their way out.

Think long term, think strategically and position yourself in a way where people will always be glad to see you. Stay cool, calm and collected.

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