Top 3 reasons why people settle

There are many reasons why many of us decide how to respond and react to opportunities. They range in many respects, but overall, many can be grouped under one of these three primary areas:

1. CONFIDENCE – if you lack confidence in your own abilities, it’s a no go from the start. No matter what you want to accomplish, if you are not confident that you can pull it off, no one else will believe in you either. Others won’t invest in your idea or partner with you. With this mental state it is very difficult to acquire customers, close sales, improve and grow.

2. ACTION – Confidence is important, but confidence alone won’t help you get closer to your targets if you don’t act on those ideas, goals, plans and strategies. You must act to have a chance at success.

3. PERSISTENCE – You are confident, you have started taking daily actions towards your goal and a massive failure occurs. Now what? How you respond after failures (yes multiple failures and setbacks) will determine the final outcome.

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  1. Love this lesson, I like that you are promoting somewhat “A humble CONFIDENCE” as to be without too much pride to avoid what failed ACTIONS one has taken, and the PERSISTENCE that is needed to continue to improve for one’s SUCCESS!

  2. Post

    Thanks for your comment.

    While I don’t have an issue with pride in one’s work, accomplishments and effort, it is important not to allow it to morph into arrogance.

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