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Outlook 2010 window doesn’t maximize

Outlook 2010
Here’s an issue I experienced recently (not really sure what caused it), but as I’m sure it happens to others as well I decided to post a quick solution that worked for me.

For some reason Outlook 2010 (on Windows 7 Enterprise SP1) wouldn’t launch. I mean the application would start, but the window wouldn’t open to full screen and would therefore become useless. Luckily, while tinkering around I came across a solution (one that I subsequently found on several forums as well).

Here’s what to do should your Outlook “decide” not to open to full screen.

1. With Outlook closed right click on your Outlook shortcut icon, click on Properties and change Run: field to Maximized
2. Start Outlook
3. With Outlook running right click on the task bar and click on Cascade windows (this will momentarily re-size the Outlook window to a smaller size)
4. Restart Outlook (this is more of a test to make sure it worked)

That should do it!

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  • P

    I had the same problem.. was looking for a solution.. and this helped. cheers

  • Thank you! I had this issue and couldn’t figure out why! I could only open outlook in safe mode to get it to work but this fixed my problem 🙂

  • It worked, but as soon as I reduce the size of window it disapear so need to close and run application again?

    So what is the final resolution? Reinstall?

  • Yes, restart Outlook. That’s what worked for me.

    Unfortunately, since this post I have moved to a different computer with a different version of Office applications so I can’t even confirm these settings anymore.

    Good luck!

  • Joe Albergo

    This worked and fixed my issue – in a snap. Thank you very much! I was so confused this morning. I think that Team Viewer application also affects this program.

  • Glad it helped. Have a great day! 🙂

  • Joe Albergo

    You too Milos, Have a beautiful day!

  • Thank you – this fixed it.

  • 🙂 I’m glad it worked. Enjoy your day.