Gmail Manager for Firefox works again

If you are like me and heavily use several Firefox add-ons, chances are that Gmail Manager is one of them. It is a great add-on to manage multiple Gmail accounts (as the name implies).

However, with the latest Firefox update (v. 6.0.2) it broke and wouldn’t login.
No worries, after a bit of searching I came across a solution that worked for me.

In Firefox, go to

when asked restart your web browser and the Gmail Manager add-on should work once again.

Updated on 12/22/11 for Firefox 9.0.1:

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  1. v.7.0 just got released today so I haven’t upgraded yet. I assume you did and it doesn’t work again?

    I will upgrade later in the week and look for solutions which I will post here should I find any. Also, it’s quite possible that the developer will release an update that works with Firefox 7 fairly shortly. Good luck and if you happen to come across a solution beforehand please let me know. Thanks!

  2. And it won’t install because Firefox is now 7.0.1 and “not compatible” again.  I can understand the developer’s apparent frustration with this situation.  It must be infuriating to have to constantly update your software every time Google changes something.  Given that add-ons like Gmail Manager are the main reason I even use Firefox, I’m about ready to either turn off automatic updates (if that’s even possible) or dump it entirely and go back to IE.

  3. Just updated to v7.0.1 and your link worked for me as well. Thanks! 🙂

    Btw, if things like this keep happening, Opera or Chrome might be the way to go, not IE. 😉

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