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Gmail Manager for Firefox works again

If you are like me and heavily use several Firefox add-ons, chances are that Gmail Manager is one of them. It is a great add-on to manage multiple Gmail accounts (as the name implies).

However, with the latest Firefox update (v. 6.0.2) it broke and wouldn’t login.
No worries, after a bit of searching I came across a solution that worked for me.

In Firefox, go to


when asked restart your web browser and the Gmail Manager add-on should work once again.

Updated on 12/22/11 for Firefox 9.0.1: https://github.com/downloads/athomas/mozilla-firefox-addons/gmail_manager-

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  • Mercatonet

    a GREAT thanks for sharing it! it works!

  • Photo_journ

    Excellent. This has been giving me the sh*ts for a week. Thanks for posting

  • It was a relief coming across the solution. I’m glad it worked for both of you. 🙂

  • Cabriciovizzoni

    what about for firefox 7.0?

  • v.7.0 just got released today so I haven’t upgraded yet. I assume you did and it doesn’t work again?

    I will upgrade later in the week and look for solutions which I will post here should I find any. Also, it’s quite possible that the developer will release an update that works with Firefox 7 fairly shortly. Good luck and if you happen to come across a solution beforehand please let me know. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    And it won’t install because Firefox is now 7.0.1 and “not compatible” again.  I can understand the developer’s apparent frustration with this situation.  It must be infuriating to have to constantly update your software every time Google changes something.  Given that add-ons like Gmail Manager are the main reason I even use Firefox, I’m about ready to either turn off automatic updates (if that’s even possible) or dump it entirely and go back to IE.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a link that worked for me – use at your own risk.


    Nice to have it working again, particularly since I sent the developer a contribution when he fixed it after it quit working last year.

  • Just updated to v7.0.1 and your link worked for me as well. Thanks! 🙂

    Btw, if things like this keep happening, Opera or Chrome might be the way to go, not IE. 😉

  • AndrewML

    Thank you!!!

  • Jerry

    now it works. thanks!