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Elevating your leadership | “I don’t care that they stole my idea…I care that they don’t have any of their own.” – Nikola Tesla

How to get promoted?

Promotion: how to get one? This is a great question, one that each of us have asked ourselves and our colleagues at least once in our careers.

First, you can always move to another organization that is better suited to your goals, ambitions, skills and capabilities. However, changing organizations is a challenging concept for so many people due to their time vested in their current company, their levels of comfort and their risk-averse nature. For those who want to grow within their current places of employment it is important to do the follow things:

  1. Vision, mission, strategy & business model: understand all of them & go all in
  2. Provide value in both strategy & operations (go beyond current responsibilities)
  3. Solve your boss’ problems (think about your CEO as well)

What else is missing from this list?

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