1and1.com’s tech support rocks!

1and1.com logoFor the second time 1and1.com ‘s technical support has proven amazing. They have been hosting several of my websites for years now and while I’ve been lucky enough not to have any technical issues, last night around midnight EST I had to contact them for assistance. Last night, I called about an issue with php version while modifying a plugin for another WordPress website. Not to bore you with details, but the site went blank and they were able to identify and correct a semantic error in the following line of my .htaccess file:

“AddType x-mapp-php5 .php .php4”       – I was missing a “-” before php5      🙁

In any event, crisis was averted, I was reminded to double check my work and all were happy. Their responsiveness and availability are exemplary along with their great up-times. While this was only my second time interacting with them in years of service, both times my issues were resolved in matter of minutes.

In short, if you are looking for a new (or replacement) hosting company give 1and1.com a shot – I highly recommend them.

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