7 signs you are ready to lead

Here are 7 signs you are ready to lead. While these seven areas or indicators are not comprehensive and not the only things one should look for, they have proven to be of value many times over my career.

7 signs you are ready to lead:

1. You are doing it already
People come to you for guidance; you take initiative; you are proactive; you take on stretch assignments beyond comfort and responsibilities.

2. You ask questions, lots of them.

3. You bring forward ideas and solutions, not only problems and complaints.

4. You protect your colleagues and you don’t shy away from risks.

5. You approach challenges with desired state in mind first.

6. You are cool, calm and collected. You don’t panic over little things.

7. You are self-motivated and are driven by purpose.

What else would you like to include on this list?

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