Life, health, family and a Ph.D.

I am finally breathing again! That is such a simple fact of life we take for granted until it becomes a challenge and an issue. Over the past week, I have dealt with respiratory issues (bronchitis) along with our three year old boy having a hairline fracture on his metatarsal bone (right foot) which is very challenging considering how much energy he has.

While I could have given up on some of my goals, these recent challenges have further strengthened my resolve to move forward and complete some longstanding items such as my Ph.D. dissertation. My dissertation has been a source of frustration for a while now and I have finally embraced the course I need to take to see it through and most importantly, I have finally remapped my why. Once you realize why you are doing something, how will fall in place. Don’t give up, don’t quit and move forward towards finally completing those longstanding items from your life.

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