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How well will “Droid Does” do?

Attacking the market leader

There’s a new cell phone TV ad where Apple iPhone’s disadvantages are clearly outlined by a new, soon to be released device powered by Android. At the end of the ad they flash a URL, droiddoes.com which redirects to this page and makes it clear that it will be a Motorola phone, running Google’s Android on Verizon’s network. You can also see its features and benefits over iPhone and other popular smartphones.

This better be good, very good

Will this device be able to weaken the iPhone following and take away some of Apple’s/AT&T’s market share? Can Google, Motorola and Verizon produce a device which will outshine all others and become the most sought after phone? The number of questions is endless and answers to them will soon be available once the phone hits the market in November.

I personally hope that we will see the best smartphone ever! Better than iPhone, or Palm Pre or any of the Blackberries, I hope to see a phone I would really want to have. I currently use an iPhone 3G and while there are features I wish it had and things I wish it did better, overall I’m satisfied with it. Other phones are out there now, from 3GS to MyTouch to Palm Pre, but none of them appear to be much better from my current phone to actually make the switch.

Will it deliver?

Looking at features alone it seems like a promising device with a lot of great technologies all combined into one device. If implemented properly, there is no doubt that it will become another good smartphone and will attract tons of new customers or those who have waited for something new to come out (those who have refused to purchase an iPhone so far), but will current iPhone users make the change? What will this device need to do in order to get hardcore mac-heads away from their beloved iPhone? Then, there are people who might switch at the next contract renewal cycle (like me) if they find anything better. I’m not attached to any particular device and will use whatever addresses my needs best, but it has to be better (much better) then what I already have. Considering the number of recently over-hyped devices which looked great on paper, but failed to deliver I’m a bit skeptical in its success. I honestly hope they prove me wrong and produce an amazing device as with great competition we all win.

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