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Elevating your leadership | “I don’t care that they stole my idea…I care that they don’t have any of their own.” – Nikola Tesla

Stop wasting time, you can’t buy it back

Don’t waste time. In life, in business, in career, in all you do, wasting time is a significant deficiency for most and it should be taken more seriously as time can’t be bought back, it can’t be recouped.

If you know that a particular place is no longer the right fit for you, it is critical not to continue wasting more time hoping it will change. If it hasn’t changed over the past several years, what gives you the confidence that this year will be the year it does? If there’s new leadership, or new priorities that could bring some hope, but if nothing has changed, it is time to move on. You have one life, ask yourself is this how you want to spend it?

Complaining is an ugly attribute and generally gets you nowhere. If you can do something to enact change please do, otherwise, gracefully and professionally thank them for their time and move on to a place where you will be a part of something larger than yourself; a place where you will be valued and respected and a place where your contributions will be noticeable and recognized.

One life, tick-tock, tick-tock…

Go beyond compliments and help people

Complimenting others is a nice thing to do when it is sincere and comes from the heart. Sharing compliments and being nice to a fellow human being makes us feel good and makes them feel event better, but is this the best we can do?

Why don’t we take this a step further and actually invest our time and effort into helping other people. Take a moment to open a door for someone else; help them with their bags or boxes up the stairs; help them find their smile again. Furthermore, the most important component in this practice of selfless help is to be truly selfless and expect NOTHING in return. When I say NOTHING, I mean NOTHING…don’t ask them for anything in return and don’t expect anything in return…EVER!

Can you do this?

Work hard and be patient

Patience and gratitude go a long way in life and in business. Way too many of us (at times) express entitlement (irrespective of age) and act in the manner as if someone else owes us something which is ridiculous in most instances.

Remember, the world doesn’t owe you anything, if you want something you will need to work for it and earn it! Be practical, dream big, work every day and focus on improving your knowledge and experience in areas that matter to us today and will matter even more in years to come. Always look 3-5 years ahead and work hard each day to get there, one step at a time.

What you focus on today will determine your tomorrow

Focus = future. What you are focusing on today will undoubtedly determine your tomorrow. Your intent, your focus, your actions along with your skills, talent, education and experience will determine your level of success.

All of us spend too much time, effort and energy on things that don’t matter in the grand scheme of life and don’t have the expected return on investment (ROI). In order to limit that wasteful approach one must be aware of what they truly want, need and desire. Once you know that, go all in on executing the plan to get there.

Beware of self-proclaimed experts

Beware of self-proclaimed experts as they are rarely what they claim to be. Expertise can at times be subjective and skin deep which is why you should accept expertise cautiously (especially the one where it is self-proclaimed).

I have experienced numerous examples where so called experts were miles away from what they have claimed to be and as such our relationships had no potential to grow and advance as they were initiated on lies and false promises. Professionals, yes…experts on the other hand are very hard to come by and generally don’t consider themselves to be experts which is always a good tell to be aware of.

Surround yourself with amazing people

Promote, encourage and even demand learning and exchanges of ideas across your organizations and your teams. As I often say, best ideas must win and as such it is essential for leaders to create environments where it is safe to fail, safe to dissent and have respectful, collaborative conversations.

Surround yourself with amazing people. People who are passionate, excited and positive about the opportunities and your collaborative future. Work with people who are intelligent, creative, knowledgeable and brave to speak up when they believe it is necessary for the benefit of everyone you work with.

Don’t blame others, it’s all you

Don’t blame anyone else for your performance, as it is YOUR performance. While I have said this time and time again, I was reminded of it and humbled by it a few days ago as a number of people have been waiting on my contributions in order for certain processes to move forward. It was all me, my fault, my inability to be effective at that time and as such I took full ownership and responsibility for my lack of contributions.

Now, I could have blamed traffic, weather, government…and so on, but I haven’t as that wouldn’t be honest and sincere, it wouldn’t be the truth. Instead, I apologized, I acknowledged my shortcomings and have worked diligently to catch up and address them without additional delays. It took some re-prioritization of my schedule and some calendar “magic”, but it was done as it is something I committed to a while earlier and I make sure to always deliver on my agreements.

Your ability to anticipate is a major advantage

Anticipation is the key! Well, one of several major keys to progress and success. Your ability to anticipate the needs of your team, your boss, your organization, your industry, clients, partners…your CEO, is crucial to say the least.

While it is important to be present in the moment and make progress, it is equally as important to look some 3-5 years ahead and anticipate where you want to be and where you are going (which may differ at times). Once you “know” what is ahead, it is up to you to reverse engineer the process and needed steps that will get you there in due time. You anticipatory skills improve each year based on your experience, skills, talent, education and awareness and should be actively developed with consistent self-education, improvements and growth.

Motivation is nothing without action

It’s Monday and people are motivated, once again. 😉 Well, they are either motivated to begin something new or are somewhat unhappy doing what they have been doing for a while. Either way, most are looking for a change, a change that will rarely arrive in time, mostly due to the lack of daily, consistent actions.

Motivation is needed, it is a prerequisite to progress and advancement, but motivation alone won’t get you far. Instagram, Twitter or Facebook motivational posts, images, comments, videos…are all great, but they won’t help you move forward either. At the end of the day, it is up to you and your actions which will determine where and how you will end 2017. Own your responsibilities and opportunities and decide what you want, need and deserve…punt other less important items. Go put in work!

Opportunities are created, not found

Oopportunities are created, not given on a silver platter. Take ownership of your life, your business and take actions necessary to make progress, necessary to be successful. You know what you need to do, you have certainly spent enough time contemplating about those plans, actions, hopes, dreams and goals. Now, however, it is time to make progress and take that first step.

Remember, today will never come again…how are YOU spending it?