Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. – Mark Twain

How long should you stay in your current job?

How long should I stay in my current job?

It is a question asked by most (if not all) of us at some point in our careers. However, the answer is not as common and varies widely across industries, positions and individuals. No matter how long you may have been at a particular job, if it is no longer challenging, rewarding and if it doesn’t provide opportunities for growth, learning and advancement, you should consider looking elsewhere.

When it comes to positions which satisfy the above conditions, one must look at other factors, their age, expected time until retirement and their career goals.

Taking all of that into consideration, what have you found to be that optimal time frame to begin searching for new opportunities?

Honest communication

Demonstrate clear appreciation and respect for your community, staff, clients and partners by communicating honestly. While at times you may not be able to disclose everything known to you you should still be honest when it comes to the direction, planning and strategy that you intend to take. Don’t lie to people and don’t go out of your way to cover up the truth as your actions will reveal it.

Finally, your decisions and communication of such choices needs to be focused on providing value and improving lives of the greatest number of people possible. Put others ahead of yourself and communicate in a manner that supports that philosophy.

Office drama must end, today

The moment you notice negativity, arguments and drama in the office you must do whatever it takes to end it as soon as possible. You must learn from it as well, but negativity and fighting among team members is not acceptable and has no place on high performing teams.

Diversity and differences in opinions should be welcomed, embraced and celebrated, but the moment it goes way beyond that and results in arguments and tension, it must be stopped.

Believe in yourself and move forward

I know that Mondays can be a bit more challenging than other days for some people, but today has set a new record. The amount of self-doubt and lack of belief in future success was overwhelming. Nearly half a dozen people have expressed how difficult work was; how challenging school was; how hard it was to commute and the list goes on and on.

My dear friends and colleagues, life is not easy at times and it presents us with numerous events and challenges for us to deal with and persevere through. I have lived through certain significant challenges (two notable moves being some of them) so I may not be the most compassionate person when it comes to some fairly inconsequential things by comparison. So please, for your sake, dust yourself off, stand up and move forward in resolute fashion towards your goals. If you want them, go get them!

Stop faking it

Contrary to a popular saying, don’t fake it ’til you make it. Focus on what you know, have experience in and enjoy doing. Please stop pretending to be someone you are not, especially when it comes to work. Leverage your strengths to provide value to others and by doing so you will be providing value to yourself.

Successful future depends on today’s actions

Being envious, jealous and even hateful of others’ success is quite easy and common yet it is completely pointless and quite limiting. Instead of focusing on their own plans and goals, quite a few people seem to be content looking at others through a murky lens of envy. Being passive and accepting your current state while others thrive, advance and succeed is a concept that is competently lost on me. I simply don’t understand the point or the reason for spending your life on such negative feelings which don’t produce anything good or valuable to anyone.

Respect the success of others and focus on your own. Spend time investing in your personal development and your strengths and find new ways to leverage them towards your goals and future success.

Who keeps you levelheaded and balanced?

Who is your trusted friend or a family member who is absolutely allowed to call you out on your BS and tell it like it is? Who is that person who has your best interests at heart and helps you evaluate and focus your decisions, ideas and opportunities?
Whoever they may be, they are of great value and importance to you, your future success as well as your present sanity. They are your counterweight, your balance, your equalizer if you will.

And for those who don’t have such person in their lives at the moment, I suggest looking for one as it will definitely make certain decisions easier and more manageable. Finally, don’t forget to return the favor as they too need someone who will listen, advise and guide.

Managing massive enterprise projects

Large enterprise projects can be daunting and seem insurmountable at times, but we all know that that is not true. It is not true as they have been done before and if others have completed them successfully, who says that you won’t be able to do the same. And when going gets tough, breathe and remind yourself of these four simple truths:

1. Believe in yourself – there’s a reason you have been asked to participate
2. Believe in others – you are all in it together
3. It’s been done before – and it will be done successfully once again
4. One step at a time – break the massive project into more manageable components

Take risks and realize your vision

At times we must take risks in order to advance, move forward, learn and grow. Taking risks is not comfortable and natural for most people, but those who do challenge themselves outside their comfort zone are those who most frequently benefit and reach the next level. Historically, the greatest contributions to mankind were done by men and women who didn’t take no for an answer and who have risked everything they had to go after an idea, a concept or a belief. Be one of them and join them by achieving that great vision you have been thinking about for years.

You have thought it through, now act!

Ways to retain top talent

Attracting and retaining top talent is one of the main concerns on minds of many executives across various industries. Finding amazing people who are organizational rock stars in a sense is not easy which is why it is important to establish an environment which promotes retention.

Here are some guiding principles of how to retain your top talent:

  1. LISTEN to their ideas, suggestions, concerns.
  2. ENGAGE and empower people to act, decide and lead projects.
  3. PROMOTE within. Quality should always be enabled to advance.
  4. PAY competitively. No need to be the highest paying company, but must be competitive.

What else can you do to retain top talent?