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Passionate about leadership and innovation | Leader | Strategist | Negotiator | Speaker | Advisor

We are not perfect

We are not perfect. Don’t gloat in the mistakes of others as we all have mistakes of our own.

Live your life

Overwhelming percentage of your life is entirely within your own control and depends on your mindset, talents and work ethic.

Team composition will change over time

As you evolve, grow and improve so will the composition of your team. Everyone won’t make the next round. You can’t bring everyone up at the same time. Teams will change and continue to evolve.

Encourage creativity

Promote, encourage and support creativity. Help people break out of mundane routines and get them to create, lead and own their destiny.

People want to be heard

People want to be heard. While you won’t agree with all ideas and proposals, it is important to be open to listen and learn.

Always look for top talent

Finding top talent is an ongoing effort that never stops. Engage into your community, region, nation and beyond to meet new people and learn about their values, skills and capabilities. You never know when an opportune match might materialize out of seemingly nothing. Always look for top talent.

You can’t please everyone so stop trying

Your job is not to please everyone or to respond and react to everyone’s demands. Listen, learn and most importantly lead with integrity and courage.

Power of a team

Large changes and massive progress requires teams. One person can spark the change, but can’t do it all themselves.

Don’t silence opposing views

Don’t silence opposing views. Instead, listen to understand and focus on the collective future.