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Elevating your leadership | “I don’t care that they stole my idea…I care that they don’t have any of their own.” – Nikola Tesla

Delegation is a matter of trust

Delegation is a matter of trust which is why it is essential to hire those you can trust. While true trust is developed over time, leaders should begin trusting people by empowering them to contribute to the overall success of their business.

While some folks might not be as good as you (in your mind at least) if you have to do everything by yourself and you don’t trust the quality of your staff, the question that presents itself is: why are they there then?

Don’t judge people

We have all done it at some point in life, we have judged someone else.
In every instance, that was a wrong decision to make as none of us is perfect and none of us should have the audacity to look down on another human being. Furthermore, in most cases, we don’t have all the information and don’t know why others make their choices and decisions (it’s not always incompetence). Instead, we should all do our best to be respectful, mindful and kind to other people as everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about.

How to hire employees

Growth is good “problem” to have. As you grow and expand your business, you will need to hire more people and this is where so many fail. Hire those who complement your skills and abilities, but who are different from you. Hire those whose strengths are your weaknesses and are of great importance to every business such as sales, marketing, technology, finance…and so on.

Furthermore, when you come across a top level player, be proactive and recruit them to join your company, don’t wait for them to apply to a job positing listed on your HR page. In this process, focus on their personality and character first, followed by skills, long-term viability and the ability to grow and contribute beyond the position they were initially hired to fulfill.

When is it time to make a career move

Lack of progress (both personal and professional) over a long period of time is indicative that it might be time for you to begin exploring other options. It is important to understand that at some point in time, it is no longer valuable to you to keep hoping that things will change, especially things over which you may not have any influence over.

On the other hand, what you can influence and control is your own life, your career and your future. Having said that, audit your organizational performance, placement within the industry, market or segment as well as your own place within the organization, then act accordingly.

How to work with unhappy clients

All people can and at times will become unhappy. Unfortunately, this unhappiness can frequently manifest itself across work and be left for you to deal with. Here’s what to do.

  1. Listen to what happened and what matters to them
  2. Manage the situation, contain, analyse and own any mistakes made by you or your teams
  3. Follow up with the client in question

Speed matters in this process so make sure to get ahead of it the moment you are made aware of the situation. Be honest, sincere and communicate clearly with all involved parties.

To survive your business must be profitable

Profit dictates your organizational sustainability, longevity and its very existence. Whether you are in for-profit or non-profit sectors, you have to be profitable in order to pay your people, rent, utilities, technology, vendors…and the list goes on.

While the growth doesn’t need to be substantial in every instance, even a single digit percentage increase in revenues (ideally in profits as well) is of great value to your future. In a sense, every single business that is not profitable and is not growing year over year could be on its way out of business.

People who don’t belong in meetings

Ahhh meetings…the place where so much time is wasted, never to be recovered again. While, in my experience, half of them are entirely useless, at times it is essential to bring the right people together to make decisions, take actions and move forward.

When it comes to inviting people to join a meeting here are a few types you shouldn’t invite:

  1. Unrealistically positive – everything is always wonderful to them which indicates detachment from reality and unwillingness to face the facts and deal with them.
  2. Always negative – no need to explain why they shouldn’t be part of your business at all. Mental and emotional drag on everyone else.
  3. Don’t speak – those who don’t contribute shouldn’t be included in the process.

Is there a 4th type that I may have missed?

No negative people allowed

No negative people allowed. Period.
While you can’t control others (and you shouldn’t try to do that anyway) you should be in complete control of how they impact and influence you, your emotions, feelings, behavior and life in general. Negative people should have zero influence over how you feel, think or perform. They have lost already and as such their impact should be limited or ideally non-existent on you and others in your organizations.


Bigger! Think bigger and exceed your current grand, life-long goals. We are all capable of achieving more than we think we can as long as we are willing to put in the effort needed to succeed. Also, it is important to note that all major goals take a long time and they require years, perhaps even decades of commitment, energy, focus and effort to get closer to them. Think about your legacy, think about what contributions will you make to your family, friends, society as a whole and go all in! Think bigger and ACT BOLDER!