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Elevating our leadership | “I don’t care that they stole my idea…I care that they don’t have any of their own.” – Nikola Tesla

Courtesy is not consent

Courtesy is not consent. If someone is kind to you and answers your e-mail or a message on LinkedIn that does not mean they have agreed to meet with you, have a call or to be added to your mailing list.

Movement is not achievement

While almost certainly one has to move to achieve things, movement alone is not enough. Being busy is a “badge of honor” for so many of us in the United States (much less in other parts of the world), but is being busy actually contributing to your desired outcomes and achievements?

When was the last time you have audited your past week or a month? Try this at times and see where is the most precious resource going to. If it is being wasted on minor nonsense, readjust and keep moving forward.

Good ideas are polite

Good ideas won’t interrupt you rudely and unexpectedly in a middle of your day, during a meeting or a call. They will patiently wait for you to seek them out, to do your research, to speak with others and perhaps even read a few books along the way.

If you are looking for change, progress and growth, it is up to you to go out and seek the solutions you need and want to see in your business, career and relationships as they will not fall on your lap as you watch your favorite show on Netflix.

Be brave and honest, your future depends on it

Build your credibility as someone who speaks their mind and tells the truth even when that might not be “popular.” Remain professional and respectful, but refuse to blend in into the background noise and do what you can to get off the path of least resistance.

Do what is right for the organization that you are a part of and don’t only look for your own personal, short-term goals. Business, career and life are all marathons, not sprints.

Fear based marketing

Fear is one of our fundamental, primal feelings that we have been conditioned to respond to and act on over thousands of years. However, when it becomes the primary focus of a marketing campaign, it doesn’t feel right to me.

Dear partners, vendors, friends and colleagues, market your products and services and build awareness based on the quality and value they provide instead of badmouthing your competition or calling out my peers and other organizations in their times of despair. Rise above mudslinging and provide value, speak about how you and your solutions can solve our problems, not how your competition is evil, corrupt, unethical and sub-par.

Don’t compare yourself to others

While it is valuable to be inspired by the actions of others, one should never attempt to emulate and recreate someone else’s life or career. Instead, focus on being the best version of yourself and live your life and forge new paths on your journey into the unknown.

Cross the finish line

We all have projects, goals and potential accomplishments which have dragged on for way too long. Some of them are 90% done, yet we have spent the last year, or two without any major progress from that point in time.

Why is this the case? Are we no longer interested, motivated, inspired? Do we have other priorities? Whatever the reasons may be, it is essential to cross the finish line. Either complete the task at hand or end it and don’t let it linger in the back of your mind indefinitely. Excuses are plenty and every day there’s a new one, finish what you have started and move onto other things.

Keep applying

If you have done your research and have reflected on what you want to do next, please don’t quit until that goal has been achieved. No matter how many times you get rejected or don’t get a response at all, it is up to you to keep applying and moving forward.

Don’t quit on yourself, no matter how challenging it may be at the moment, as better days are ahead, but only if you earn them with your daily actions.

Difficulties with dual reporting

You have two bosses? Not good! Here’s why. While I believe that all power and authority should not be concentrated within one man or a woman and that others should be enabled and empowered to act and make decisions, it is important to be clear on who is leading what area and who has the final say.

Having said that, it is clear to me that reporting to more than one person doesn’t work. If two of your bosses have a disagreement, you lose. No matter who’s side you take, you will lose in the long-term.

Furthermore, if one of them leaves (or perhaps they both leave), this further complicates this relationship and introduces other considerations which need to be made. Think about it. Reporting to more than one person, doesn’t work. Do you have a similar or perhaps different experience to share on this topic?

Work is not everything

While working, do your absolute best, but find ways to break up your work routine with other areas of interest and value such as family, health, friends, sports, travel…doing nothing. Yes, at times, you should do nothing, sit, relax and think about your plans and goals.

Be intentional with your most valuable asset, time and don’t dedicate all of it to one area for decades and neglect other people and things along the way.

What we have is now, let’s make the most of it, now.