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Passionate about leadership and innovation | Leader | Strategist | Negotiator | Speaker | Advisor

Always look for top talent

Finding top talent is an ongoing effort that never stops. Engage into your community, region, nation and beyond to meet new people and learn about their values, skills and capabilities. You never know when an opportune match might materialize out of seemingly nothing. Always look for top talent.

You can’t please everyone so stop trying

Your job is not to please everyone or to respond and react to everyone’s demands. Listen, learn and most importantly lead with integrity and courage.

Power of a team

Large changes and massive progress requires teams. One person can spark the change, but can’t do it all themselves.

Don’t silence opposing views

Don’t silence opposing views. Instead, listen to understand and focus on the collective future.

Leaders own mistakes

Why leaders should own their mistakes and not run away from them. If you have made a decision that has since been proven to be wrong, own it, apologize and fix it. This is what leadership is about.

Don’t fake it till you make it

Contrary to the popular advice, I don’t think you should fake it till you make it. Instead, be yourself and be who you are on your journey.

Focus on the moment you are in

It is important to be present in the moment. Dedicate your time, effort, energy and focus to what you are doing at that time.