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Elevating your leadership | “I don’t care that they stole my idea…I care that they don’t have any of their own.” – Nikola Tesla

3 types of employees who have to go

3 types of employees who have to go (for varying reasons and at various times):

1. “The superstar” – someone with a particular set of technical or functional skills who doesn’t play well with others and doesn’t respect the rest of the team members. Someone who causes issues, tension and problems. Remember, a rotten apple will spoil the entire basket. They have to go.

2. “The lifer” – someone who has been with the organization for decades and has stopped performing and contributing nearly that long ago. Longevity is a great thing, but finding loopholes and taking advantage of familiar environment is not. They have to go.

3. “Mr. Nice guy (or Mrs. Nice gal)” – someone who is nice to everyone which is wonderful, but yet it doesn’t do any actual work and doesn’t contribute to the overall business growth or success. I have met plenty of nice people, many of who I consider to be my friends today with whom I would gladly go out for lunch, dinner or drinks, but we don’t work together if they can’t carry their own weight. They have to go.

Once again, each of these individuals should be first given an opportunity to level up and meet you at the new level of performance, new standards and should be given an opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas in private. However, waiting for someone to “join” the team and contribute has a “date of expiration” and at that point in time, they have to go.

What’s the 4th or 5th type of employees who should go that I haven’t mentioned in this video?

What you should learn from your boss and why

Learn from those who are ahead of you on your professional journey. Take every opportunity you get to learn from their good and less than ideal decisions, actions and ideas.

Growth comes from being uncomfortable

Challenge yourself, try new things, seek new opportunities and get comfortable being uncomfortable. Furthermore, along this journey, it is important to be open to new ideas and be aware that what got you here may not be what gets you to the next place or level.

There’s always another deal to be made

No matter what you are buying or selling in life, it is essential to learn how to negotiate well. Negotiation takes time and experience, so start practicing, begin small and work your way up to larger value items.

Also, always remain cool, calm and collected during the process as otherwise you lose the leverage. 😉

Always learn from the best

Always learn from the best, whenever possible, that is. Do whatever you can to surround yourself with people who are leaders of their businesses and industries where you can listen, learn and ask questions. Be intentional about your personal growth, education and advancement, take charge and act proactively towards unlocking new learning opportunities.

Remember, this is YOUR life, ACT like it! Good luck!

The difference between motivation and habits

The difference between motivation and habits is subtle for many, but of great importance and value for us all.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” – Jim Rohn

Don’t steal content, be original

Ddidn’t our parents and grandparents teach us that stealing is bad? Then why do so many continue to steal the work of other people and pass it off as their own?

While most ideas aren’t original any longer and anyone can speak about a particular concept or a topic, it is important to stick to what we know and what we have experienced ourselves. That way, integrity, authority and sincerity shouldn’t come into question, ever.

Why do you care what people think?

Why does it matter what people say? Why does it matter so much to so many of us that we will stop pursuing our goals, passions and what makes us happy?

Why do we empower and enable others to have control over how we live our own lives; why is it that we will rather fly under the radar and settle for mediocrity over a few negative comments as you pursue what you are meant to do?


Everything that matters and is truly valuable in life, takes time. There are no shortcuts in relationships, career, business, education, health…there is no shortcut to greatness. Once you understand that, you will spend more time on making progress and a lot less looking around at what others have done or may be doing.