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Don’t badmouth your competition

Don’t badmouth your competition. Instead, focus on providing value and improving who you are and what you do. Improve your products and services, don’t tear down others.

Sharing workload “evenly”

While it is impractical to have a perfect balance of work and responsibilities for many reasons, it is important to be mindful of distribution and proactively be intentional as to how work gets done.

Reasons for change are not all equal

Making a change does not necessarily mean that what was done up until this point is bad in any way. It may simply refer to an evolution of products, services and maturity of how we approach certain needs.

The long game – Episode 4 | Tej Patel on solving problems with empathy

Podcast: “The long game” with Milos Topic – Episode 4 with Tej Patel, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Stevens Institute of Technology shares his thoughts, ideas and experiences on solving problems with empathy and understanding while innovating in service of humanity. His servant leadership approach is a great reminder and a model for us all that people should always come first.

Tej’s question for the audience:

► What challenges is your institution facing with “digital everything” and what are the executive expectations?

The importance of open lines of communication

The importance of open lines of communication can not be overstated. It is essential to be available to all on your team and be of value on their journeys. Enable and empower other leaders to lead, but be ready to help as well at all times.

7 signs you are ready to lead

Here are 7 signs you are ready to lead. While these seven areas or indicators are not comprehensive and not the only things one should look for, they have proven to be of value many times over my career.

7 signs you are ready to lead:

1. You are doing it already
People come to you for guidance; you take initiative; you are proactive; you take on stretch assignments beyond comfort and responsibilities.

2. You ask questions, lots of them.

3. You bring forward ideas and solutions, not only problems and complaints.

4. You protect your colleagues and you don’t shy away from risks.

5. You approach challenges with desired state in mind first.

6. You are cool, calm and collected. You don’t panic over little things.

7. You are self-motivated and are driven by purpose.

What else would you like to include on this list?

Pursuing perfection

Pursuit of perfection is futile. Focus on incremental yet relentless growth, advancement and progress.

Cavalry is not coming

It is on us to own our lives, our careers and take an active role in improving them, taking care of our families, friends and communities. Cavalry isn’t coming. Own your life, before someone else does.

Leadership is not popularity

I have said this before and I will say it again: leadership is not a popularity contest. Leaders work for people they are entrusted with and work every day to solve problems and challenges of their organizations, their industries, regions or nations. Leadership is about getting things done and creating a better environment for all in a collaborative, professional and respectful manner, it is not about being liked.

Is pandemic impacting your business? How about other things?

Is pandemic impacting your business? How about other things? While the past year has been challenging for us all to varying degrees, it is important to acknowledge that other areas and decisions have impacted businesses and organizations. In many cases, decisions about how to lead, invest, train, market, modernize…and so on have been made for years even though they may have only started to come to light this year.

Think about all decisions, positions, leadership and be honest with yourself and your colleagues if you truly want to grow, improve and succeed.