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Elevating our leadership | “I don’t care that they stole my idea…I care that they don’t have any of their own.” – Nikola Tesla

Respect the person, not the title

How often have we seen people who act one way around the C-suite executives, around the CEO, around the owner(s) of the company and entirely different around everyone else?

My experience has shown me that in the long-term, these people will always lose. Don’t be one of them. Respect the person, not the title.

Difficult colleagues

In this video, I have shared my preferred process in resolving difficulties between colleagues that extend into challenges, hostility and at times even nastiness.

However, I am interested to learn how do YOU deal with difficult colleagues who believe that processes and policies do not apply to them and that they are above us all? Thank you for sharing.

Unknown audience

Get out there and meet new people. I keep saying this as you never know you might meet at these events. One can’t predict who also might be in the attendance and who could be helpful to you in the near future. Also, offer help to others as well as that is how your reputation is built in part.

Always provide value to others and give more than you take.

Do you believe in what you sell?

Do you believe in the products and services you sell? Do you use them yourself? Are your friends and family using them? Would you recommend them to your closest circle or are you simply doing your best to hit your quarterly quotas and targets in search of your bonuses?

Either way, we can tell. Well, most of us you are selling to can tell when you truly stand behind (or in front) of a product or a service and when you do not. Think about that next time you make that sales pitch, whether in person or remotely.

Annual performance reviews

Annual performance reviews. We can do better in most instances, I am certain of it. First, they should be more frequent in order to provide guidance for any needed corrections and they should be multi-directional at the very least.

Do it already

When you read the title of this post, what came to mind? You don’t need to answer, but you know what you have been putting off for way too long. Just do it already, what are you waiting for, an invitation?

Remember, that all the planning in the world without actually doing it doesn’t mean a thing. Doing beats planning, every single day.

Ask. Don’t say “NO” for others

Whether a scope of a project needs to be changed, or a smaller overlooked item need to be accounted for, don’t assume that the other side, whether a partner or a client, is not willing to help. When in doubt, always ask other people what their thoughts are on a particular need that you and your organization may have and listen to what they have to say. Don’t default to a “NO” without giving them an opportunity to share their position on the need.

You may be surprised how many great people are out there who are playing the long game and truly want partnerships that will past for years, even decades and are willing to include smaller items (at times) even at their own financial expense.

Don’t believe everything you hear

Don’t listen to noise. Everything around you has an opinion about most things and many will share those opinions freely whether they have been solicited or not. It is up to you not to allow those positive or negative words to change who you are and deter you from the path you have chosen to be on.

How to build high performing teams

While there are many things to focus on and do, I believe that these four general areas are of great value on this journey.

1. Learn what your customers and market want and need (you may not use all of it). Also, to a smaller degree, be aware of what your competition is doing.

2. Evaluate all strengths across your teams, starting with yourself. Be honest.

3. Map out your goals. Where do you want to be in 3-5 years. Write them down.

4. Design and implement strategies and tactics needed to get you there. Be flexible on this as things will change.

During all of these processes the work must be based on honesty, trust, open communication, respect, teamwork and most importantly, self awareness.