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Elevating your leadership | “I don’t care that they stole my idea…I care that they don’t have any of their own.” – Nikola Tesla

Hire honest people

Who you hire matters, a lot! It is essential to surround yourself with honest people who will always tell you the truth, instead with those who will simply nod their heads in “agreement” with everything you might say. You want the truth, you want to learn from others as well and do what’s best for the organization overall, not only a number of select individual careers.

How can I help you?

Being helpful to people is always the right thing to do and it is a smart long-term strategy in every filed you might be in.

Improving presentation skills and knowing how to SELL

Knowing how to present, negotiate and sell are critical skills for your overall success. Even if you are not in “sales” you should know how to sell your ideas, plans, products, services and so on. This also applies to yourself as you navigate your career and look for new opportunities.

Furthermore, quality of a product or a service is essential, but don’t ever underestimate the need to know how to effectively sell that product or a service as it will make a huge difference.

Ask for help

Ask for help. As you are tying to grow, advance, get promoted or build a business it is important to use the opportunities to learn from others who may be further along in the process. Ask for help, ask multiple people and in due time, one of them (at the very least) will be glad to help you make progress.

Switching industries mid-career

Switching industries mid-career is a topic I come across frequently and those inquiring almost always doubt their abilities to make the switch successfully.

While every industry and profession has its nuances, terminology and software used, the fundamental experience in areas such as leadership, management, technology, finances, marketing and the like don’t change that much. After all, P&L is P&L in every industry so trust your experience and knowledge and move forward with confidence and belief in success. Want to switch industries? Full steam ahead!

Take time off to gain perspective

Time off is important and can be very valuable on multiple fronts. It goes without saying that it is valuable to take some time off from work, change the environment and create a bit of distance, both mentally and physically (I don’t believe in “staycations”) and actually leave the area if possible, unplug and immerse yourself in the moment (with significant a other, family, friends…even alone). Additionally, it is important as it provides new perspective and a better reference point with respect to where you are today and where you need or would like to be in a year or two. Try it, take some time off and enjoy the benefits.

Try new things

When was the last time you did something for the very first time? I mean, first time in a new industry, company, type of project/service/client…truly first time, ever?

Culture enables innovation

Innovation! It is one of the hottest areas of focus for most businesses across a multitude of industries, markets and countries, or so it seems, on paper. However, when it comes to actually doing what’s needed to even have a shot at being truly innovative, most fail.

Culture enables innovation and that is something that needs to be understood by more people.

Don’t chase money

Money isn’t enough. While it can be a powerful motivator for many, money alone is not enough to make you happy and help you enjoy what you do. Instead, position yourself where you enjoy (even love) the journey, not the destination. Furthermore, spend time, effort and energy on what you are great at paired with market need and you can’t lose. Money is a byproduct of quality work, not the north star guiding your decisions and actions.


FINISHED is better than perfect! While I’m a fan of quality in all that I do, at times, it is possible for us all to spend way too much time on things that don’t provide as much value in return. Furthermore, we often sit on thing at 80% or 90% complete and we keep finding excuses as to why we didn’t finish it yet. We all know that these are just that, excuses, nothing more and as such they shouldn’t be allowed to rule our lives, our goals and derail our plans.

You know what you need to do, now go out and do it, FINISH what you’ve started.