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Passionate about leadership and innovation | Leader | Strategist | Negotiator | Speaker | Advisor

Leaders own mistakes

Why leaders should own their mistakes and not run away from them. If you have made a decision that has since been proven to be wrong, own it, apologize and fix it. This is what leadership is about.

Don’t fake it till you make it

Contrary to the popular advice, I don’t think you should fake it till you make it. Instead, be yourself and be who you are on your journey.

Focus on the moment you are in

It is important to be present in the moment. Dedicate your time, effort, energy and focus to what you are doing at that time.

How to build your credibility?

Here are a few fundamental thoughts on how to build your reputation and credibility across the organization and beyond.

7 signs your boss is not a leader

7 signs your boss is not a leader:

1. Lack of vision, motivation and inspiration
2. People do not come first
3. Excuses, not enough resources
4. They hide from tough decisions
5. No accountability
6. No confidence
7. No team empowerment to take actions

Everything begins with trust

Everything begins with trust. Without trust among people, all other decisions and actions will be challenged and much more difficult to accomplish.

The long game – Episode 6 | Meredith Bronk shares why leadership is not about leaders

Podcast: “The long game” with Milos Topic – Episode 6 with Meredith Bronk, CEO and President of OST shares her thoughts, ideas and experiences on how we can accelerate the adoption of new technologies designed to serve people. Meredith speaks about the importance of providing certainty to people while still moving fast across today’s competitive landscape. Flexibility, boundaries and culture are three areas of great importance for her as she moves the organization forward.

Meredith’s questions for the audience:

► What can we do to improve technology adoption across our organizations?

► How do we set work boundaries and what would “perfect” work environment look like for you?