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Elevating your leadership | “I don’t care that they stole my idea…I care that they don’t have any of their own.” – Nikola Tesla

Less meetings, more doing

Meeting fatigue is something we have all experienced at some point in our careers. Meeting after a meeting to no end and frequently to no purpose or value can become draining on individuals and teams as a whole. Each of our businesses would be much better off if we spent less time in repetitive meetings which frequently conclude without any relevant decisions or actionable items.

Furthermore, why are all meetings at least an hour? Why can’t some of them be 30 or 15 minutes where you get to the point, make a decision and move on. Additionally, only invite people needed for the meeting to take place; do all prep work BEFORE the meeting and insist on everyone’s engagement (those who don’t contribute shouldn’t be invited to meetings). Finally, and most importantly, have less of them! 😉

How to find a new job

How to find a new job? A question, we have all asked ourselves at some point and more importantly, we had to answer it. When it’s time to move on from your current position or place of employment it is essential to be strategic about your next move.

First, research the position and who it reports to. Your direct supervisor will have a great impact on your overall success (directly or indirectly) which is why it is important to “hire your boss” in a sense.

Second, look at the firm itself. Do your due diligence and research their financials, leadership, legal standing, market share, revenue, major products and services…research it all. Finding a great position working for a wonderful leader won’t be of much us if the business itself is not built on solid footing.

How to increase your influence

Being able to influence direction, strategy, attention and people is always a valuable skill and ability to have. One of proven ways to do this is by establishing your credibility in a particular space based on your knowledge, experience and how you treat people. Begin by providing value without expecting anything in return and your pay off with come your way in due time (often 10X).

Live your life today and every day

Life is precious, valuable and incredible so do all you can to live it to the fullest, filled with happiness, joy and purpose, surrounded by people you love.

Think for yourself, be yourself and don’t blindly follow the crowd. Enjoy each day and focus on what is important and what matters in life.

Write down your goals and make them visible

Write down your goals and make them visible. When I say this, I refer to your major 5-8 goals you want to accomplish this year. Once they are written down, make them visible everywhere, at home, at work, on your phone, laptop…everywhere. You want these consistent reminders of what your priorities are and that time shouldn’t be wasted.

Listen to your customers

Listen to your customers as they are among the greatest sources of information in order to continue to improve, expand and grow. On this improvement and growth process, listen to what folks are saying and engage with them across all avenues, in particular across social media. This focus on customer service and proactive approach is what distinguishes you from others.

Many companies can deliver a good product or a service, but the experience and how you make your customers feel is what stands out. Think Amazon as you do this and how they are known for this no questions asked, speed and customer focused approach. This is (among other things) what has enabled them to grow at tremendous speed and why they became one of the largest companies across the world.

We all make mistakes

Mistakes are part of life, part of business. There is no such thing as perfection so the sooner we realize that, the sooner we will be that much closer to progress, advancement and growth.

None of us are perfect and as such it is important NOT to point out every single mistake. When it comes to leaders, they should be actively involved and informed about their teams’ performance, but small errors which don’t have any significant negative impact shouldn’t be highlighted as that action provides no value to anyone. Repeat offenders and major issues must be addressed, but small issues should be (if at all) acknowledged in private (one-on-one) and left behind you as quickly as possible. This level of support for your colleagues will provide for safe environment to innovate, experiment and even fail which is crucial. Furthermore, that employee will never forget the day you made them feel safe and have supported them even when things didn’t go their way.

Trust people, empower them and delegate

Trust is the first major prerequisite to teamwork, progress and accomplishments. Without trust, other much needed capabilities can’t be build or utilized to their full extent.

While trust is earned by many, I begin trusting people and believing in them and their abilities at first. However, once that trust is lost, it is nearly impossible for it to be regained.

Leadership is not a popularity contest

Leadership is not a popularity contest. Privileges of leadership come with responsibilities to make decisions that positively impact the lives of the majority and the firm as a whole. It is very rare that you will be able to make decisions that will be well received by everyone, by 100% of the people impacted by that decision.

With that in mind, focus on doing what you believe is the right thing to do, not on what would simply please others.

“Popularity is not leadership.” – Richard Marcinko

Social media etiquette

Etiquette in social media is as important as it is in other aspects of life. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for quite a few people which act as if the keyboard absolves and separates them from reality, courtesy, professionalism and kindness.

Speaking to people on social media shouldn’t differ from how you speak with people in person. Having this digital separation shouldn’t provide for lack of responsibility, accountability and respect. Disagreeing with someone’s opinion, or point of view is fine and it could be done respectfully and professionally without attitudes, drama and name calling.